Ocean of Dharma

Sanity Shines Through

From the hinayana point of view, cessation means being able to prevent problems or use them up. The Sanskrit word for cessation is nirodha, and in Tibetan, it is gokpa, which in verb form means “to stop” or “to prevent.” The idea of cessation is not so much being calmed down as suddenly being stopped. Sometimes gokpa refers to the final goal, the state of enlightenment, or freedom. However, in this case, gokpa is not regarded as the final goal; instead, it simply means that temporarily problems have been prevented. We have been able to cut through them, to cut them down. Having cut unnecessary garbage, we are able to develop real living sanity and to let that shine through.

From Chapter Eight, “Transcending Samsara and Nirvana,” in The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation, page 75.