Ocean of Dharma

Dive into Fear

For some people, fear has no logic. For certain others, it brings tremendous logic of this and that. There are infinite possibilities, so many ways to prove that one’s fears are valid. We can always find good reasons to be afraid. But in this case, rather than taking an analytical approach to fear, you should just look at your fear directly. Then, jump into that fear. If you do that, the next thing you will experience is a sense of complete flop. Fear brings together a lot of intense energy. When you dive into it, you feel as if you have just pierced a balloon. Or it’s as if you have just dived into ice water; there’s a sudden coldness. Then you will feel a tinge of sadness. Beyond that, you may feel some continuing sense of isolation and uncertainty, which is the leftovers of the fear, but nevertheless, the quality of intense fear begins to subside, and your fear becomes somewhat reasonable and workable.

From “The Other Side of Fear, ” page 108, in Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery.