Ocean of Dharma

Expose: Acknowledging Accusations in the Name of Devotion

Today is the 900th Anniversary of the Karmapa Lineage. An excerpt from a poem about this lineage, written by Chögyam Trungpa, is offered as today’s quote. The people mentioned in the poem are lineage holders in this tradition. The first teacher mentioned is the first Karmapa: Tusum Khyenpa.

Remember, O Tusum Khyenpa!
Remember, O Father Karma Pakshi!
Remember, O Tilopa!
Remember, O Naropa!
Remember, O Milarepa!
Remember, O Marpa Lotsawa!
When I remember your kindness and your power,
I am left in the midst of the dark-age dungeon.
When I taste your great bliss
It is as if for the first time,
As if no one had tasted honey before.
When I realize your devotion,
It makes me so lonely.
When I see and experience anything good and wonderful,
It reminds me of the Kagyü wisdom and what you have sacrificed for us…

O Knower of the Three Times, omniscient,
We have tried and practiced after your example:
Please don’t give up.

When we iron our clothes, it is for you.
When we shine our shoes, it is for you.
When we wear jewelry, it is for you.
We do everything because of you;
We have no personal concern.
If we do not realize your dignity and wisdom,
May we rot and dissolve into dust.
We do everything for your sake and because of you.
We are so sad because of you,
We are so joyful because of you.
Father, if you have strength, this is the time to manifest.
I am about to die
And be reborn in crying and laughing at the same time.
Father, please have consideration for us.
We do not do anything for our own sake.
We do everything for the sake of devotion to you.

Composed in New York City, April 30th, 1980.

From Timely Rain: Selected Poetry of Chögyam Trungpa. Read the complete poem, pages 38-40.

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