Commenting on Work, Sex, and Money

In the opening chapter of Work, Sex, Money: Real Life on the Path of Mindfulness, Chögyam Trungpa asks:

As Buddhist practitioners or practitioners of meditation, we are supposed to be immersed in the contemplative tradition and spiritual practice. Why would we discuss work, sex, and money?

In the next chapter, he goes on to suggest:

Shouldn’t the basic point of spiritual practice be to inspire an understanding that permits us to relate with life in the fullest way? From that point of view, work, sex, and money could be said to be the highlights of the spiritual experience of everyday life.

What do you think? Does spirituality relate to everyday life, to the nitty-gritty, to work, sex, and money? Share your thoughts on this topic, for a chance to win a copy of the book. Five winners will be randomly selected at the end of the week.

Congratulations to Alanda, Shenyen, Barb, Rupa, and Bryan! They each won a free copy of Work, Sex, Money: Real Life on the Path of Mindfulness. Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways!

346 thoughts on “Commenting on Work, Sex, and Money

  1. I have heard about the Work Sex Money recordings. Thankyou for presenting this material from CTR in book form for many people to read!

  2. There is no distinction between the moment we spend in mediating and the moment spending money, having sex or working. Each of those moments is a pleasure to be enjoyed and to realize the fullness of live that Buddha said we all could have. The ultimate moment is to be aligned with the universe and to take that moment as if it was life itself (which it is) and to realize that in each of those moments that the universe is speaking and sharing with us. We become the universe and the universe becomes us regardless of what we are doing!

  3. During these last years as a single mother I began to realize that my relationship to money has been nebulous. I have always had a certain distaste of money issues and said I would not make major decisions in my life based on it ( like who I would marry etc.) I have come to understand that this perception of money actually has created a block betwen me and this innocent energetic force. I have since “invited money to the table” and am appreciating this discussion as it helps me on this path of discovery. Thank you-Barb Cortland

  4. Nine years ago I was told I needed a heart transplant & Dr’s were unable to give me the reason that the output of my heart was suddenly down to 7-8%. I was unable to work & told I looked too healthy to get a transplant. Work, money & love gained a new clarity. I was given a 20-30% chance to live 2-3 years. My wife had to 911 me after 3 months & I woke 10 days later to a whole new reality. I remain mindful of money, the loss of being unable to work & grateful for the love of my wife, every day vertical & finding ways to contribute.

  5. Yes, I want to know more about what CTR has said about money! Its an important issue in my life and lack of it can have very bad consequences.

  6. There came a time when I realized that I had been inadvertently sabotaging my relationships by not having a”right” relationship with money and health. If I did not “get real” with the ways that I dealt with money issues and my health regimen, my partner would inevitably become anxious as my anxirty grew by the financial straits I would end up in and my lack of health and creeping weight gain. I appreciated the “wake-up call” I got by relizing that if I wanted to be in intimate relationship with another I needed to make a weekly “date” to pay attention to my own basic needs including money and food/exercise planning and strategy.

  7. Not really having a lot of any of these three things, maybe I’m not the best person to talk about my personal experience with them. Work, Sex, and Money seem pretty elusive to me. Maybe because I’m not being that active in seeking them out.

  8. I think that sex, work and money are the very basic situation that we cann’t avoid if we live a secular normal life. They are the very wheel and fuel of our life, so off course ego has his root in this complete process, but if we star to broad our awareness we will definitivly change our relationship with sex, money and work in order to dispell the Lords of Materialism.

  9. Generosity towards others also includes true generosity to ones self; it is important to have the price of a retreat i want to attend. Money is like a ripening of karma in many ways. It is energy which can be used to increase consciousness or decrease it.

  10. I never thought of money as energy. I think this new way of looking at it might help me immensely. I have lots of practicing to do

  11. I do believe that it does. How can it not? Life is a miracle! Every breath.

    Living moment to moment, and becoming present and aware is the journey… but there is not a journey, for we are aware right now! In this moment. All but is needed is to breathe and to observe and to BE present…. not to attain or to become.

  12. MONEY AS ENERGY “The way we deal with money connects with a basic characteristic of our state of mind.”

    The quote above spoke directly to my current situation and state of mind. Another of life’s wake up moments. I look forward to reading this book.

  13. The whole point of the practice of meditation and the embodiment of the dharma is to bring the clarity, spaciousness and compassion of the practice into everything that we do – into our real lives which includes work ,sex and money. I love the idea of money being a kind of energy that is connected to our state of mind. I’d never thought of the spending and aquiring of money like this before. It totally changes the stress that is usually associated with money the financial side of our lives more into sync with the spiritual part of our lives. Thank you Rinpoche

  14. how could spirituality not include everything? if we see the world as sacred, and we are part of the world, our lives reflect our spirituality…or lack thereof. if we are encouraged to be present in every moment, that includes work, sex and money…and everything else.

  15. Absolutely. These powerful aspects of our lives are our biggest opportunities to learn and live our spiritual beliefs for realization and transformation.

  16. “Money represents the energy principle; you can connect with that when you’re aware of how much you’re spending. Every dollar you make or spend represents your energy of the moment. The way we deal with money connects with a basic characteristic of our state of mind. We should see money in terms of the expenditure of energy and how we are going to transmute that energy into a proper use.”

    In true Trungpa Rinpoche form, this quote gave me such a fresh and sharp sense of awareness of how I can be more mindful in relationship to money. I have, at times, a fairly fear based way of relating to both earning and spending- I hope this will be an illuminating way to be more “mindful with moolah”.

  17. I’m interested in reading Trungpa’s view on Work, Sex, & Money; and, in the process, checking in with myself to see how it may resonate with a deeper/ recognizable Truth (or not?). So much of what I (we) know about the World is based on known-fixed-images. I wonder how it would be to directly experience each of these (work, sex, & money) in a fresh, new way. Hmmm . . . worth an experiment anyway?

  18. As a yoga teacher, i’m looking for teachings that fit with me and also with specific students of mine. In “Work, Sex, Money” i’ve found the very practical sense and feel of “mindfulness” as it should be applied in “real” life situations most helpful. Thank you to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche for this legacy of wisdom and thank you to Shambala for making it available. paola

  19. “In the warrior’s world, you are the king or queen of your domain, in your own right. This sense of celebration comes from joining the moon in your heart and the sun in your head. Elegance and dignity become natural and lovely, wholesome and good. There is no deceit and no pretense of any kind.” From Smile at Fear
    A beautiful discovery of the inner divine, letting go and becoming who you are without compromise.

  20. A favorite quote:

    “Quite possibly there is no such thing as spiritual practice except stepping out of self-deception., stopping our struggle to to get hold of spiritual states. Just give that up. Other than that there is no spirituality.” (Myth of Freedom, p. 150)

    Thank you,Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, for fearlessly stepping in.

  21. היי ריציתי להמליץ לכם על דשא סינטטי – מוצר משובח, שמתוכנן בקפדנות ומיוצר במומחיות רבה על-מנת להיות דומה לחלוטין לדשא טבעי – לא רק במראה, אלא נוסף בתחושה . דשא סינטטי הפרוס בידי אנשי מקצוע נראה כמו דשא טבעי ומרגיש כמו דשא אמיתי לכל דבר; דשא סינטטי נראה כל כך טבעי עד שלפעמים חיות מנסות לאכול אותו! והיתרונות, הו, היתרונות…

  22. Being mindful society we realize there is no loss and no gain, in our practice we don’t be believe our minds and enter liberation.

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  24. Yes and no. An object in moiton tends to stay in moiton. And I’m continuously learning how important it is to not make plans that include nothing going wrong stuff always comes up that must be dealt with that throws the other plans astray.

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