Zen Art

Bochum, Germany

John Stevens and Felix Hess in front of a Daruma by Hakuin. The Hakuin scroll is one of 15 from Felix Hess' Kaeru-an Collection on display at the Buddha Spur exhibition at the Kunstmuseum in Bochum, Germany. This Hakuin scroll was acquired by Dr. Hess from the Shambhala Zen Art Gallery.

On August 28, the Buddha Spur (Buddha’s Trace) exhibition opened at the Kunstmuseum in Bochum, Germany. There are fourteen zenga on display from the Felix Hess’s Kaeru-an collection, including scrolls by such great masters as Fugai, Hakuin, Sengai, Tesshu, and Ishikawa Jozan. I served as curator. The zenga selection has a separate room in the exhibition furnished with tatami mats.  Visitors can use the mats to sit in contemplation, if so inclined, and several Buddhist groups in the area plan to hold morning meditation sessions on selected days during the exhibition.