Ocean of Dharma

The Barriers Are Your Creation

Whether you are a kind-mannered, mild-mannered, or aggressively-mannered person, when you begin to relate to the dharma, the teachings, you feel there is a big barrier, a big fence, between the dharma and you, which prevents you from actually clicking into the teachings or communicating with them. When you begin to open the gates and tear down the walls, for the first time, you begin to realize that the joke has been on you all the time. Accumulating ammunition and building fence after fence was your trip, your creation, rather than something actually having taken place. We have wasted so much of our energy and economy on that trip. When we begin to realize the joke was on us and created by us, then we are actually following the dharma, following our mind according to the dharma.

From “Aggression,” in The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa, Volume Two, page 520.

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