The Under 35 Project: July Update

The Under 35 Project is a place for young meditators to share what it’s like to try to live mindfully, every day. Each month we’ll contemplate a different topic—be it relationships, work, parenting, or social action—and invite you to share your experience in the form of personal essays, poetry, art, photography, and more. Visit to learn more.


In July we will explore Starting and Deepening Your Meditation Practice. In today’s world, we are surrounded by distraction. In some sense, it’s counter-cultural to meditate, to want to slow down and just be present. For those of us who are looking to start or deepen our meditation practice, it is hard to feel supported in doing that. Share with us a story (or stories) about your experience finding meditation, deepening your meditation practice, or overcoming obstacles to consistently having a practice in today’s modern world.


Here are some contemplations, if you’re looking for a jumping-off point:


  • What is your motivation for meditating? How did you discover that motivation?
  • What obstacles do you face in keeping a consistent meditation practice?
  • What is your experience of sangha (community). Does being around other meditators inspire you to practice meditation more or less?
  • What does it mean to go “deeper” with your meditation practice? More time on the cushion? In retreat? Studying Buddhist teachings?
  • What signs are there that your meditation practice is “working?”


Visit to add your voice to the dialogue.

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