Ocean of Dharma

The World is a Totality

Book cover The world is a totality in itself. It has its own muscles, its own brain, its own limbs, and its own circulation. We are not talking about the totality of the world in the sense that everything should be good and perfect and fantastic, and nobody should acknowledge anything bad. We are talking about reality, in which good is made out of bad and bad is made out of good. Therefore, the world can exist in its own good/bad level, its self-existing level of dark and light, black and white, constantly. Whatever is there, favorable or unfavorable, is workable: it is the universe.

From “Mandala” in Journey without Goal: The Tantric Wisdom of the Buddha, page 34.

One thought on “The World is a Totality

  1. We spiritually inclined yogis who love to dance kirtan for hours, sometimes bypass our repressed emotions—our anger, our fear, our resentments. Ascending into the light, without grounding ourselves in the world, in our hearts and minds, and with those we live in community with, we let that very light cast a shadow of unresolved feelings and behaviors.

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