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Book Giveaway: The Heart is Noble

Book coverIn his new book, the Karmapa calls on us to open our mind and heart to the innumerable connections we share with others—in our families, communities, social systems, and on our planet. Thanks to the depth of his spiritual training, and the breadth of his curiosity about the world and his love for it, he presents a relevant framework for understanding what it means to be human now—and why it’s imperative that we concern ourselves with the well-being of all others. He points to a world we can create through our own effort, using a resource we already have in abundance—the basic nobility of our human heart.

This is your chance to receive a free copy of The Heart is Noble. Just leave a comment below. A random winner will be chosen next Friday, January 25 at 12PM EST.

232 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Heart is Noble

  1. I would feel it such a great gift and maybe a good sign. I am about to take my Refuge at Easter and follow the path of Buddha. I am learning the dharma at the moment at Samye Dzong in London. In my first lesson of the The Jewel Ornament of Liberation and the Karmapa was the topic of our first teachings.

  2. I am currently reading through the collection by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, a favorite author. What a person! I am busy reading and writing poetry and surviving Stage IV breast cancer – busier than I was when I worked full-time, except for all the sleeping…
    I am content that the time I have will be sufficient and using it to be of service to others.

  3. As a long time Chogyam Trungpa & Kagyu teaching student it gives me great pleasure to see Shambala bring this book by the “New” Karmapa to the presses. I hope it receives great reviews. Thank you….phs, Eastern Sun Studio & Gardens, Portland, TN

  4. I work with cancer patients and it is a job that I love doing. Often the biggest challenge is the families who are usually very traumatised emotionally and very demanding. I think this book would give me the tools to better understand and cope with those families.

  5. Tashi Deleck to all of you! Thank you Gyalwa Karma Pa la for your love and compassion to all beings. Thank you for writing a book called The Heart is Noble, and I am looking forward to reading it.

  6. it is always inspiring to read that kind of book (and make me practice my english since i am a french speaking person)


  7. Love the Karmapa, visited tsurphu monastery in 1997, would love to see Tibet and all it’s culture in its formal glory, freedom for all 🙂

  8. so lucky to live in an era where one can actually meet with a compassionate buddha and be skilfully directed by his teachings…I really look forward to reading this masterpiece:P

  9. The heart that is noble within all of us is our own Buddha nature manifesting… I await the blessing of being able to read this book soon.

  10. A Book appearing just in time ! May it be of benefit for all the readers : ) and their relationships and their surroundings and …

  11. I had the pleasure of spending time at the Rumtek monastery with the 16th Karmapa in 1978 and look forward to meeting his incarnation. So looking forward to the book.

  12. We were impressed with the Karmapa’s light playful spirit when we saw him near Delhi NY a few years ago. Look forward to reading his book!

  13. I am on the path, and live in a rural area. Because there are no Buddhist teachers near me, I depend on books to help me on my way. I would love to read the wisdom contained in The Heart is Noble.

  14. How to resist such an opportunity to receive a jewel? I only wish there were more of them available so that more people could benefit from its compassionate wisdom, like Jennifer McCoy above. Best of wishes during chemo. Blessings.

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