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Book Giveaway: The Heart is Noble

Book coverIn his new book, the Karmapa calls on us to open our mind and heart to the innumerable connections we share with others—in our families, communities, social systems, and on our planet. Thanks to the depth of his spiritual training, and the breadth of his curiosity about the world and his love for it, he presents a relevant framework for understanding what it means to be human now—and why it’s imperative that we concern ourselves with the well-being of all others. He points to a world we can create through our own effort, using a resource we already have in abundance—the basic nobility of our human heart.

This is your chance to receive a free copy of The Heart is Noble. Just leave a comment below. A random winner will be chosen next Friday, January 25 at 12PM EST.

232 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Heart is Noble

  1. It would be lovely for this book would be won by someone who needs to read it. I shall buy my copy. Best of luck everyone.

  2. As a first-time father, I would love to share the Karmapa’s wisdom about living from the heart with my new family, and lend it to whomever would read it. May everyone love all beings as if each was their only child!

  3. As a first-time father, I would love to share the Karmapa’s wisdom about living from the heart with my new family, and lend it to whomever would read it. May all beings benefit! May everyone love all beings as if each was their only child!

    Karmapa Chenno!

  4. I would love to have the chance to read this book, I have a few buddhist books, mostly they have been gifted to me as I don’t have much money due to my disabilities. I try to live a buddhist life, especially hurt none. Blessings to you.

  5. It makes me very happy to see how many people would love to read Gyalwang Karmapa’s new book. I am sure it will bring imense benefit to any one who will get it. Karmapa Khyenno Sarva Mangalam

  6. A new author to study and learn from (for me anyway) – I have not come across him before. This book sounds wonderful, and I look forward to reading it at some point 🙂

  7. To love each other is our purpose, each day a step towards pure love. Being human we stumble and this book surely would refresh our hearts and so we can try to love again. I do not want this book, but wish it to find its way to the destined person who needs it the most. I do hope to find it at the library, because I need to refresh myself also as I am the one who stumbles. Love Sue

  8. I’ve only just met HH the 17th Karmapa for the first time. Having listened to his teachings in person, I can’t wait to read a book written by him.

  9. Years back, I received the precious gift of “Music in the Sky – The Life, Art & Teachings of the 17th Karmapa” (2003), containing a.o. teachings by such a young HH Karmapa at the turn of the millenium.. I would love to hear what he has to say now!!

  10. Change begins inside of us. Would like to see what words the Karmapa has to offer on inner work that has the potential to spread globally.

  11. Buddhism ‘found’ me soon after my NHL diagnosis, but before chemo started. In that first book I read, “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”, it gave me so many answers I’d been searching since childhood for. Each day is a gift. As such, I try my best to study & follow the “Middle Way”. Being permanently disabled has given me the time to devote my life (and skill set) to selfless service via HIV/AIDS non-profits in the Bay Area. To have the opportunity to ‘win’ this book is gift enough. Either way, this book will be read by me. Knowledge is the way. Om Mani Padme Hum

  12. What a glorious feeling to find myself “accidentally” here to read these healing words…to feel I am among other compassionate friends….. when I sat down to a computer tonight, feeling isolated at best. This book is certain to be one of my little miracles this year.. Are there little miracles? No. My path is unfolding and I am blissfully following with a knowingness I want to shout from the rooftops.

  13. I would be honored to receive this book from Shambala by His Holiness, in sharing his life’s journey and teachings.

  14. Having looked into the Karmapa’s eyes briefly when I met him in India, I would love to find out what the mind within him is thinking. An inspirational bodhisattva who can teach us all through words and I would like to read this book very much.

  15. If I don’t win this by random selection, I must buy it. I know it will change my life for the better. Thank you Lisa for sharing.

  16. these are areas i have been improving in and gaining insight in by following the turnings of my own path over the last fifteen years. it would be excellent to read deeper insights and ideas.

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