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A Profound Giveaway

The three volumes of The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma present a complete map of the Tibetan Buddhist path from beginning to end, as taught by the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It is based on the teachings presented at the annual three-month meditation and study retreats known as the Vajradhatu Seminaries, which he led every summer from 1973 to 1986. This remarkable material—which has never before been published—presents Trungpa Rinpoche’s teaching on the hinayana, mahayana, and vajrayana in a way that joins the traditional concepts with contemplative understanding.

To celebrate the Shambhala New Year, Ocean of Dharma and Shambhala Publications are giving away The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, the full three-volume set with more than 1,800 pages of Chögyam Trungpa’s heart teachings. These beautiful volumes are indeed a treasure.

To be entered into the drawing, please leave a comment below telling us what you find genuinely profound in life. Please leave your comment only once–we approve all comments before they appear below. The winner will be randomly selected at noon EST on Shambhala Day, the Tibetan New Year, which falls this year on February 11. Congratulations to Becky! Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and your readership. Please come back soon for more giveaways.

805 thoughts on “A Profound Giveaway

  1. What do I find genuinely profound? true wisdom, the teachers of that and their followers, their understanding, love, compassion, depth of knowledge, patience and sense of responsibility and joy in relating to all their mother sentient beings relatives.
    may all sentient beings have love and its cause etc.

  2. today, i found fear profound and wrote this poem (thank you for this contest):

    Deep vibrating abyss
    I did not recognize you as fear

    I did not recognize you as fear
    Because your power has the births of many stars in its belly
    Monstrous light breaking the ribcage
    But there is no blood here
    Monstrous because of your bigness, your unknowability, your vast space
    My body splitting atoms in your wake
    But there is no blood here

    Trying to contain you, you simply moved larger
    A vast conspiracy of the solar plexus
    Radiating like sun spots on sand
    My breath falling into shallow waters
    Not wanting to disturb the sleeping giant
    But even in breath’s absence you rise
    Oh underbelly of emptiness

    I did not recognize you as fear
    Like oceans you carry deep sea calm
    A temperance of waves
    A depth beyond the Dreaming
    Creation inchoate

    – LFR 2013

  3. the opportunity to grow with each day; tear through the dogmas of mankind, and those that lie within us; and the chance to spread our eternal flame with those who are cold, and weary.

  4. What is truly profound is life itself. Every manifestation of life is an expression of unqualified conscioussness. So the question is not what is genuinely profound IN ilife, but rather what is genuinely profound OF life. Life is its own profundity, just as awareness and every perception. This, this and this! Now, now and now! That is the true wonder, joy and meaning of life. There is no separation between surface and depth, high or low, profane and spiritual. It only has to be lived, loved and laughed.

  5. His Eminence the Third Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, Karma Lodrö Chökyi Senge: While you are listening to teachings you are developing the knowledge that arises from hearing. If you don’t forget the teachings and reflect them later, then you are developing the knowledge that arises from contemplation. Should you only hear the instructions and forget them, knowledge would not be. You engage in practice by using what you have learned and then the knowledge that arises from meditation evolves. http://www.rinpoche.com/teachings/gpf.htm

  6. Whrn I can get out of the way and mingle with the wordless energy of the moment, I feel a profound blessing and sense of gratitude. It is a refuge free rom the grasping mind of ego into the eternal now.

  7. What I find to be profound is the fact that death is very much a part of life. Death helps remind us that life, and everything contained within it, is impermanent. May we be grateful and appreciate every single moment of our lives!

  8. Everything, when I appreciate it…
    …but especially humour. The surprised joy when I previously not seen connection makes you laugh, sharing that, the instant transformation of personal fear and anger, the dropping of barriers and subsequent connection and openness when humour ‘works’ in a confrontational situation. Laughter often really is the best medicine 😉

  9. I find love and it’s incredible power to heal and generosity and kindness which is often fuelled with immense bravery to be profound.

  10. my own capacity for compassion is profound. it has changed my life. i tried to “develop” it and could not, but tonglen/lojong changed it little by little until even in this very trying time we are living in, i have the ability to often see the what’s-so about a situation, which has saved me and others around me added grief and suffering. i bow to the simple, profound teachings, i bow to the subtle change years of working with the sayings daily has done for me. i offer this to the world of suffering.

  11. What is profound is to have the curage to truly be oneself – and in a way that cherishes truth and puts the benefit of others in the first place.

  12. Realizing how far-reaching the sufferings of sentient beings are, and waking each day with the intent to alleviate these sufferings with the power of compassion, wisdom, and loving kindness

  13. connecting to the beauty/preciousness of this moment when we expand beyond the filter of “me.” The luminous full open movement of NOW.

  14. It’s profound to me that we “are all the same” to quote the Dalai Lama. A great proof of this is that we all experience kindness an compassion in much the same way and need it for our very survival.

  15. It’s not so much individual elements of life that I find profound, per se, but the relational totality of life, the “magnificence of actuality” (Allen Ginsberg) that includes the whole-sum-ness and entirety of existence.

  16. Helping others learning to meditate…turning toward their hearts and themselves…turns me towards mine. I am inspired by their courage and struggle to be authentic.

  17. The thought that the possibility of enlightenment exists for us all right now as we are, and may occur with only a simple shift in perspective and the ability to just notice.

  18. that moment when everything just melts away and all that matters is my child in his discovery, the bald eagle across the way, the flow of water or wind in the trees, the ray of sun across the valley, the mist rising, the ebb and flow of the tide…

  19. The willingness and bravery of people willing to step outside of their small comfortable world to experience life in the larger uncomfortable world. And, that there is always someone willing to lend you a hand to help you enter that world. Magical.

  20. I find hand washing dishes to be a genuinely profound part of life. Chores like this use to be a distraction from real life, a drag. Now I use this daily activity as a quiet time to consciously remind myself to return to awareness. Amid the soap bubbles I can always reclaim my genuine essence and feel connected to the vast systems of life surrounding and supporting my journey.

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