Daily Wisdom / Pema Chödrön

Free from Fixed Mind

Book coverRather than living a life of resistance and trying to disprove our basic situation of impermanence and change, we could contact the fundamental ambiguity and welcome it. We don’t like to think of ourselves as fixed and unchanging, but emotionally we’re very invested in it. We simply don’t want the frightening, uneasy discomfort of feeling groundless. But we don’t have to close down when we feel groundlessness in any form. Instead, we can turn toward it and say, “This is what freedom from fixed mind feels like. This is what freedom from closed-heartedness feels like. This is what unbiased, unfettered goodness feels like. Maybe I’ll get curious and see if I can go beyond my resistance and experience the goodness.”

From Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change, page 18.

One thought on “Free from Fixed Mind

  1. Hello Lilly,
    This is the quote from Pema Chodrin I was attempting to describe yesterday – I found it very helpful one night when it was a full moon and I was feeling really groundless and instead of being all freaked out I observed it as she discussed – and it helped. ike

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