Daily Wisdom / Tibetan Dharma

The Epic of Gesar

Book coverThrough aspiration prayers and arousing bodhicitta, for the noble families the time had come to tame the māras and cannibal demons of Tibet, and resounding as self-arising formless sound from the sky was this song, which invokes the enlightened mindstreams [of all the sages]:

       E MA HO
       Unborn primordially empty dharmadhatu,
       Unobstructed ground for the arising of
       The strength of emptiness free from the extremes
            of existing or not,

       Listen to this song, a self-arising spontaneously
            present song.

       Without considering the six grains of the three
            months of autumn,
       Why toil in the fields in the three months of
       Without considering the abundance of the
       Why wave your arms to summon enemies and
       Without considering the benefit of others,
       Why single-pointedly practice to try to
            accomplish enlightenment?

       Failing to know the minds of those to be tamed,
            one is not a buddha.
       Failing to fulfill the welfare of others is not the
            sacred dharma.
       Failing to lead others to liberation is not the

From “Gesar’s Birth and Childhood” in The Epic of Gesar of Ling, pages 155-156.

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