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The Absence of Aggression

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When we reach the state of nonaggression, it is not that we cease to perceive anything, but we begin to perceive in a particular way. With the absence of aggression, there is further clarity, because nothing is based on anxiety and nothing is based on ideas or ideals of any kind. Instead, we are beginning to see things without making any demands. We are no longer trying to buy or sell anything to anybody. It is a direct and very personal experience.

From True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art by Chögyam Trungpa, page 73.

One thought on “The Absence of Aggression

  1. In seeing things the way they are is a struggle to witeness, for in that insight is its death, its longing, hate, desires, control etc. Yes, the glimpse or Dharma is the act of fear, trying to keep you/ego alive and in your isolated place. True, the discover is easy, but leaving behind is difficult.

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