Daily Wisdom / Tibetan Dharma

Selflessness and No-Self

Book coverWith regard to selflessness, it is necessary to know what “self” is—to identify the self that does not exist. Then one can understand its opposite, selflessness. Selflessness is not a case of something that existed in the past becoming non-existent; rather, this sort of “self” is something that never did exist. What is needed is to identify as non-existent something that always was nonexistent, for due to not having made such identification, we are drawn into the afflictive emotions of desire and hatred as well as all the problems these bring.

From Kindness, Clarity, and Insight by H.H. the Dalai Lama, page 52

One thought on “Selflessness and No-Self

  1. i realize the gist of your post; however, is is not as negative to deny the self’s existence. The “afflictive” base emotions are there as well as self and selflessness consciousness and must be “realized” for what they Are to you/us and not used and/or discarded when they are no longer necessary for enlightenment. Self and selflessness can be regarded as one aspect of total unity without being destructive to your or others’ paths with the help of education and meditation. Self can be regarded by itself because of the “oneness” of totality with no fear of backsliding, stasis, or harm. Is what I presented above naive or” “lacking logic” or not appropriate to your comment?
    Is there something I am not seeing. I’m very interested because I “believe” in universal “oneness of everything and nothing and try to live my life in this manner. Thank you.

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