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Book Giveaway! Yoga: Critical Alignment

Book coverLeave a comment below for a chance to win! Relax your body, build deep core strength, and find new ease of movement in your practice with Yoga: Critical Alignment.

As a serious student or teacher of yoga, you may have a strong, vigorous physical practice, but is it optimized for your body and mind? The key to a sustainable yoga practice is to target alignment and strength at the most fundamental level—the skeleton. This cultivates ease and flow in not only the body but also in your mental and emotional health—invigorating your practice and restoring balance on and off the mat.

In Yoga: Critical Alignment, asana, anatomy, and yoga philosophy are blended together to create core stability in the body with innumerable benefits. You’ll learn to:

• Identify unconscious habitual patterns, and see how these habits become sources of pain, stress, and even injury.
• Interrupt habitual patterns from the inside out, linking the body and mind through asana, pranayama, and meditation.
• Enhance the body’s mobility and deepen body awareness.
• Refine inversions, standing postures, forward bends, backbends, twists, and seated postures through precise, subtle physiological adjustments.
• Plan vigorous, intuitive sequences for a home practice or in a teaching environment.

Get a sneak peek of the book here. Leave a comment below for a chance to win a free copy! A winner will be randomly selected next Friday, July 26th. Note: Please don’t post twice. We approve comments as they come in, so if your post isn’t showing up, check back in a day or so. Congrats to our winner! Thanks for your comments, everyone. Stay tuned for more giveaways.

124 thoughts on “Book Giveaway! Yoga: Critical Alignment

  1. My own personal belief is that the combination of the body and mind requirements of my yoga practice, with my mindful awareness of my breath, with the now, unite into a multi-dimensional exercise of my being.

  2. I’ve been practicing Yoga for a short while only but it’s made an amazing difference in my life. This book looks fantastic!

  3. Stability of emotions, relief of pain (or at least de-mystifying pain by becoming aware of anatomy) and awareness of spiritual connection – all this I am gaining from several fitful years of yoga, and the book sounds like a good support for going further.

  4. Alignment is essential in yoga.I look forward to seeing if the book contains tips on props and/or variations to achieve proper alignment for people who may have physical challenges.

  5. I’m so interested in reading more. My yoga practice began after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a lot of connective tissue restrictions. Alignment of physical system is critical to helping me with day to day activities and understanding my body. mind, and spirit.

  6. If you’ve instilled this much care and creativity just in the cover design then contents are also likely to be clean, clear, concise and direct. Craving is arising!

  7. I would love to get this book 🙂
    I have been doing yoga for the past year and I have seen the changes in my mind and my body.

  8. This is the kind of book my dedicated practice is longing to read. Thank you Shambhala for publishing this.

  9. I would love to give this book to a very loving and kind friend. She has been a Great Teacher and Student!

  10. just a couple weeks ago I and several friends were doing yoga on the rooftop of a hotel in San Lucas Toliman Guatemala. We had gone down there to help build houses with Habitat and it was exhausting work. Beginning our day with yoga, in the company of friends helped to transform the whole experience!

  11. A couple weeks ago I and a few friends were doing yoga on the rooftop of a hotel in San Lucas Toliman Guatemala. We had gone down there to build houses with Habitat for Humanity and the work was exhausting both physically and spiritually. Beginning each day with yoga on the roof, overlooking Lake Atitlan, in the company of friends helped transform the experience. Thank God for Yoga!

  12. Such gratitude for book on a subject often overlooked! As the title suggests, ALIGNMENT IS CRITICAL-and misalignment can lead to the damage of the physical body, and just as importantly, cement the habitual behavior which cause us to remain in our samsara, our pain-body, our delusions-then sadly pass these seeds to all we are connected with…and we are connected to ALL. Thank You!!

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