Daily Wisdom / Ocean of Dharma

The Monkey is a Gorilla!

Book coverMonkey mind is not all that feeble. It is not as weak, inquisitive, and speedy as we thought it might be. In the end, the monkey turns out to be not all that monkey-like in strength and solidity—it turns out to be a gorilla! It has power and strength, and it is worthwhile training this gorilla as a vehicle. In the practice of meditation, in dealing with this gorilla, once we have captured such a creature, we have to examine and study it. We look at this discursive thought finally entrapped in the net of discipline and see what we can do with it.

From The Teacup & the Skullcup: Chögyam Trungpa on Zen & Tantra, pages 85-86. Available from Shambhala Media.

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