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Book Giveaway: Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back

Book coverThe sacrum, or lower back, is an incredibly powerful part of the human anatomy. It’s what enables you to stand upright and tall, it unites your upper and lower body, it roots you to the earth—and it is one of the most common areas where people experience chronic pain and discomfort. Yoga practice can have a transformative effect on lower back problems: it allows the body to gain the range of movement and flexibility that short-circuits the mind’s perception of limitation and pain. Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back will help you understand lower back pain and heal it through gentle exercises that can be done even by those with no previous yoga experience.

For a chance to win a free copy, leave a comment below. This contest will end on Friday, September 6 at 12 P.M. E.S.T. Congrats to Carlye! Thanks for your comments, everyone, and come back for more giveaways!

104 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back

  1. Love it! A book focusing on yoga for the back. This would be a very welcome addition to my Shambhala library!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful and valuable resource to have, especially since I’ve just trained to be a yoga teacher and so many people have lower back problems. Really hoping my book-winning karma is fully activated 😀 ! Thanks for the offer 🙂

  3. We have been studying the various scoliosis approaches in Ojai , CA and would benefit from excellent print resources too.

  4. Would love this book has my partner has a back conditon that has caused her to be disabed and lives in constant pain with very little mobility.

  5. Yoga has been helping my lower back for over a year, although I’m never sure how far to push it with different asanas at home. This book looks perfect! 🙂

  6. I am so tired and aggravated with my low back pain… lost 55 pounds, started Pilates, sleeping on a futon mattress on top of the tempurpedic mattress. Stretches, walks, ibuprofen, flexeril…. nothing works…. so why not try a yoga for an achy back book?

  7. Gee I am sitting here with my lower back out so bad I can hardly walk. Then I open this email and see there is a book with yoga moves that can help me.
    Hope I get the book so I can heal my book

  8. Ooh, I would love to win this book! I have scoliosis and have lower back pain almost every day. I used to get weekly yoga lessons from a yoga therapist, and they really helped. I can only remember a few of the poses we did. I aim to develop a daily or near-daily routine because I know yoga will be the key to healing my back! Thank you for this opportunity!

  9. This is a wonderful idea, yoga has always been most helpful with lower and upper back problems. It is a wonderful way to heal all over body issues. Whoever wins this will benefit greatly.

  10. I have a friend who could really use this book and I’d love to give it to him. A (lower back) disk blew out on him last December. He is in PT and swimming, has residual balance issues but is healing, slowly. I have highly recommended Yoga to him.

  11. So much knowledge to absorb… So little time! This book looks great though. I’ve been expanding my yoga practice recently and this would be a great addition to my resources 🙂 Thanks for giving one away!

  12. Hi!
    I’ve had lower back problems since…well, forever. Maybe this book could help alleviate the pain a little 🙂

  13. This book is sure to be the best medicine to help me walk tall again after bending over pulling weeds in my spring garden. Its never to late to take care of your back and weeds, well they’ll just keep growing whether you worry or not.

  14. bad kickboxing form culminated in sciatica about a year ago. It’s getting better with Phys Ther and Pilates. Would love to add yoga for the low back to the mix.

  15. Me me me — wow, standing upright and tall, unity of upper and lower body, rooting to the earth — what I need. Actually I don’t need to get this free copy but just pick me!! It’d be great to get to experience this book. My lower spine has a tendency to curve exaggeratedly forward, since a child (due to overeating? Oops); I guess I need a guide and system to restore the health of my lower back, and sacral chakra! And… I just took up yoga! Always wanted to be able to do yoga on my own but I have no idea how to form a sequence… maybe this book will spark my creativity? :))

  16. First, its actually quite hard promoting yourself reading the comments bellow. I am certain that there are plenty of others deserving it better. No joke, Im dead serious. That said, my deppresions finally got the best of me, and since a time back I have no choice but to climb up again cus I came to a place where my breathing messed up, and being in that spot I came to the conclussion that one can ALWAYS go lower.. No sense in having a false security that breakdowns always will follow the same pattern. They will only get worse, If, you dont do something about them once for all.:) Up or down, you cant expect to rest in between for the rest of your life. I would very much head up, and I Believe that your book in question can serve in helping me with that.:D Peace

  17. I have had severe back problems for 13 years, and practiced Hatha yoga in my youth…meditation is my only source of pain relief, perhaps this book may be of benefit…

  18. Lovely thought, thank you. A great Christmas gift for a dear friend with a back problem here, physio said she needs to exercise it a bit more

  19. As a relatively new Yoga Teacher I am taking in as much knowledge as I can. I teach in Washington, DC where the majority of my students sit at desks all day, wreaking havoc on their lower, middle and upper backs. I would love to have this resource and better prepare my students for coping with and possibly proactively eliminating chronic pain.

  20. This sounds WONDERFUL!!! I have always had back troubles and strive to keep my lower back strengthened to avoid “down days”. What a perfect way to do that…Yoga(-:

  21. I have been working my lower back for 53 years and welcome and thank you for additional insight on improving and strengthening same.

  22. After having just gave birth to my 3rd child (finally a boy!!) in May, I’m finally ready to start Hot Yoga. I need this so bad for myself. My body feels mangled from the pregnancy. My back felt like a pretzel and since I have been working on posture, I have noticed an incredible difference. I hate that people want to seek pills when it’s so easy as get up and move (although, I have the knowledge of how to fix it naturally, I got this way due to my sign.. cusp of aquarius/pisces translates into procrastinator. It’s all the stars’ fault). Now, my husband has a bulged disc. He depends on his ‘tens unit’ and pain pills. He is too masculine to do yoga. I’ve tried to tell him ways to fix it, but he says that without a degree my knowledge is null and void. His loss… Maybe a book would open his eyes. If I don’t win, I think I’ll buy it.

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