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Book Giveaway: Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back

Book coverThe sacrum, or lower back, is an incredibly powerful part of the human anatomy. It’s what enables you to stand upright and tall, it unites your upper and lower body, it roots you to the earth—and it is one of the most common areas where people experience chronic pain and discomfort. Yoga practice can have a transformative effect on lower back problems: it allows the body to gain the range of movement and flexibility that short-circuits the mind’s perception of limitation and pain. Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back will help you understand lower back pain and heal it through gentle exercises that can be done even by those with no previous yoga experience.

For a chance to win a free copy, leave a comment below. This contest will end on Friday, September 6 at 12 P.M. E.S.T. Congrats to Carlye! Thanks for your comments, everyone, and come back for more giveaways!

104 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back

  1. I was diangnosed with scoliosis in my lower back last year, and have been using yoga as an effective remedy. A focus on the lower back, however, would be invaluable. Thank you, Shambhala, for bringing us yet another awesome title; I hope a DVD follows!

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