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Don’t Assume the Posture of a Wilted Flower

Book coverWhen you slouch, you are trying to hide your heart, protecting it by slumping over. But when you sit upright but relaxed in the posture of meditation, your heart is naked. Your entire being is exposed—to yourself, first of all, but to others as well. Through the practice of sitting still and following your breath as it goes out and dissolves, you are connecting with your heart. By simply letting yourself be, as you are, you develop genuine sympathy towards yourself. When you sit erect, you proclaim to yourself and to the rest of the world that you are going to be a warrior, a fully human being.

From Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chögyam Trungpa

2 thoughts on “Don’t Assume the Posture of a Wilted Flower

  1. Great info. Also, a bad posture can reduce the amount of oxygen that your brain receives causing gaining of weight and other health problems. IS A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!

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