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Book Giveaway: Walk Like a Buddha

Book coverHow can I be the person I want to be when I’m stuck in a job I hate? How is it possible to stay present in an era of nearly constant distractions? Can I pick someone up at a bar or club and still call myself spiritual?

This nitty-gritty guide to life for the spiritual-but-not-necessarily-religious uses Buddhist teachings to answer those burning questions and a host of others related to going out, relationships, work, and social action. For a chance to win a copy, leave a comment below! We’ll choose a winner on October 23 at 12PM EST. Congratulations to Jeff! Thank you all for your comments. Please come back soon for more giveaways.

235 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Walk Like a Buddha

  1. I’m waiting in Spain for the book!v! The last one was a new and a modern vision of the life. How can you do to be a best person every day. Easy and fun!

  2. Thank you for a chance to win. I’m looking forward to reading this book. I’ve really enjoyed your writing and find it really easy to continue reading. I wish you success with this book and any future books you write.

  3. I would love to win this book to give away to a deserving participant at my upcoming workshop, “The Quest for Meaningful Work: Aligning Passion and Purpose for the New Economy”. I would have kept it for myself, but I just ordered another copy of the book online!

  4. I normally don’t enter myself in book giveaways (or many giveaways at all for that matter) but I’m actually a senior in college right now and I’ve been fighting with finding my passion in life and not knowing what I’d like to do. I’ve had a few internships so far that just haven’t inspired me and I don’t really know the next step from here. This seems like a great book for me and I’ll definitely look into it

  5. Beautiful book as a gift to a special non Buddhist friend of mine that loves reading everything Buddhist!!!! Thank you!

  6. It would be an honor to receive this book for free. It would also be a great help to me in my current situation. Namaste.

  7. Hiya ShambhalaPubs!

    This is so awesome that Mr. Rinzler is getting a spotlight for his work to come out into the world! Thank you for this opportunity to allow this valuable information to come into the busy life of so many of us!

  8. Fantastic! A bridge between our everyday experience, tribulations and our true potential. I love the subtitle – I can imagine that many people relate and it catches their eye. It got my attention! It would be a welcome addition to my bookshelf. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful window to the world of dharma in this often confusing world.

  9. I don’t need to win it. I can buy it. It costs $15. But I would like to know what the the release date was. Has this book just come out? Anybody know?

  10. Always looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunity to gain better insight into myself, others, and the world around me. Sometimes, we need a little guidance in the right direction in any circumstance.

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