Daily Wisdom / Zen

Attachment to Comfort

book coverFreedom from attachment requires that we first see the ways in which we’re attached. In particular, we have to see how attachments arise out of beliefs. For example, physical pain presents an opportunity to look at our attachment to comfort and the beliefs we hold around it. The belief that life should be free from pain might express itself in thoughts such as “This is too much” or “Nobody should have to put up with this.” Underlying those thoughts is the belief that we can’t feel happiness while we’re feeling discomfort. I certainly used to believe this, but now I know that it simply isn’t true. In fact, attachment to the belief that we can’t be happy while in pain may be a greater source of suffering than physical discomfort itself. Until we see this belief for what it is, a belief that may not even be true, we’ll remain attached to physical comfort, guaranteeing our dissatisfaction.

From At Home in the Muddy Water: A Guide to Finding Peace within Everyday Chaos by Ezra Bayda, page 45

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