Daily Wisdom

Life Unfolds on Two Tracks

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You could say your life unfolds on two tracks. There’s the track of the mind, where you are being governed by giving over authority to the productions of the mind. On this track, you’re almost exclusively thinking your way through life. The mind is between you and the raw, naked, intimate experience of life itself.
The other track is the dharma track. You’re awake. You’re in a state of attention. You’re present. You’re directly in touch with your experience, unmediated by ideas, images, conclusions, or notions. Just this! At this very moment, whether you know it or not, each breath happens right here and right now. Little by little the question becomes, Are you intimate with this breath just as it is? Intimate, meaning not separate but fully experiencing whatever you experience as the breath fills up the lungs and empties in this particular posture at this time in this place.

From Three Steps to Awakening by Larry Rosenberg

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