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Abandon Inauthentic Approaches

Book coverTo study and to contemplate what one has learned is very important, but these two can only progress if one engages in meditation practice. Thus, the importance of each of these three—moral conduct, study, and meditation—cannot be underestimated. If one practices these free of attachment to this life, the benefits are enormous. But to pursue these while seeking worldly attainments means one will not receive the benefits that would be gained by a genuine spiritual practitioner. For this reason, it will be best if you abandon any inauthentic approaches to ethical discipline, study, and meditation.

From Parting from the Four Attachments: A Commentary on Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen’s Song of Experience on Mind Training and the View by Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, pages 82–83

2 thoughts on “Abandon Inauthentic Approaches

  1. It is a great quote! as discipline (ethic), meditation and study are the three ‘unsplitables’ we need to recognize our true nature and become completely enlightened for the greatest benefit of all other sentient beings !

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