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Giveaway: Being Brave Live Stream

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Our friends in the Shambhala International community are preparing to host a retreat in the Bay Area with Sakyong Mipham and Pema Chödrön! We’re delighted to share the event details with you on their behalf.

Drawing on the depths of Shambhala and Buddhist teachings, Being Brave will explore how meditation practice develops a greater sense of interconnectedness, and rouses strength to cultivate enlightened society. How can we apply inner peace and bravery to develop outer compassionate action? Global spiritual wisdom speaks to an inner and outer transformation. When we open our hearts to meet fear with bravery, we can begin to connect with the fundamental practice of compassion and the recognition of our shared humanity.

For a chance to win a ticket to the online live stream of the retreat, leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on the meaning of bravery. We’ll choose three winners at noon EDT on Friday, April 25, 2014! Congratulations to our winners! Thank you all for your comments. Please come back soon for more giveaways.

Get tickets to the live event in Richmond, California here. Register for the online live stream here. Contribute to the scholarship fund to help others attend this retreat here.

171 thoughts on “Giveaway: Being Brave Live Stream

  1. Bravery for me has been leaving all attachments to my past and living a new way in alignment with an enlightened consciousness. By origin, I am a Palestinian Arab born in Jerusalem and born a Quaker. This year is my 40th year in America. I am committed for peace for our planet earth! I have committed 100% and live life in a simple way but working in subtle ways of planting seeds and relating to others from a free place so I may affirm and remind them of who they are. This work is more effective only as I continue doing the work on myself and also feeling reenforced and supported as attending such a seminar. Reading and listening to CD’s and DVD’s are my main source of nourishment. I would appreciate the invitation to attend this for free. My birthday is May 2nd. 🙂

  2. To face what is in my heart, in my thoughts, in my body with acceptance, even when everything in me wants to run away, to stay, to feel through, to turn towards. Until what I wanted to run away from opens into space , light, energy. So that I can stay with anothers intens pain or joy or love with spaciousness, so that I can meet life , dance with life in all the ways it shows up, without running away. Meeting it directly, with my heart, with my mind, with everything in my body, in awareness, in openness. That takes bravery!

  3. Bravery is simply being present to any situation that may arise, in the “NOW”. Without judgement, emotion, thought, & complete acceptance, bravery is a NO THING> Simply accept, engulfed with compassion and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  4. This thought I share is not one that would have occurred to my ego mind but is from my teacher, Ponlop Rinpoche, who says that one has to be brave to be imperfect.
    How these words landed (and they REALLY landed with me) is:
    … when one goes with a pure heart to the Teacher, the teachings, and the sangha, one’s imperfections or impure mind will become clearer and clearer and more familiar. This is part of the process of purification. Therefore going toward the Teacher and the Dharma takes great courage. It is difficult to see the lies we’ve told ourselves and the fictions we have created and our various other kleshas square on.
    Therefore, to pursue the Dharma, one needs to be brave. For to pursue the truth with a sincere heart and with devotion to one’s Teacher, one’s imperfections will be pointed out, as if looking in a mirror, stark naked, in the light of day.

  5. To be brave: to see what needs to be done and set out to do it. Even when all alone and possibly scared. Bravery is the invisible guide wire.

  6. Being Brave is staying. Being brave is facing and embracing fear, yet staying with it’s discomfort and not trying to distract yourself from it. Some of the bravest people I know were still deeply afraid. It’s also realizing that Fear is not truth. Fear is only your mind’s perspective.

  7. Indeed!
    We need bravery just to get out of bed in the morning! Then compassion as we move through our daily life.

  8. To be Brave is to know yourself,develop loving kindness toward yourself through your meditation practice, by this alone the world is very workable, true bravery has no limitations or fixed ideas.

  9. I know we all have bravery, finding and using that would be a most added part to me being a compassionate warrior for myself and all my relation.

  10. Bravery is remembering we are brave enough to live right now without second-guessing our sweet selves. I’m going to jump right up. I’m going to brave it.

  11. “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

  12. Bravery for me is the willingness to even contemplate meditation! thereby sitting with my own company. Intellectually I know it is what I want, and past experiences have at times been profound, but living the practice daily, wow, that’s a challenge!

  13. One important expression of bravery, to me, is to respond to fear with patience and kindness, and to recognise the possibility of that when it feels like fear is overwhelming and I’ve already completely ‘blown it’.

  14. Having enough courage to be what we are and to listen to the message the world is giving us when we act on it.

  15. Being brave is keeping eyes open, breath moving, soul stirring no matter what “it” is. Releasing judgement and knowing that all is deeply well with us and with our wide diverse family of beings, no matter what.

  16. To confront one’s ego, desires, anger with compassion is true bravery. Only then can we begin to be of service to others.

  17. Sometimes it takes bravery to forgive yourself and sometimes bravery means acceptance. And. most of all, bravery is taking a seat and being with whatever is.

  18. Bravery is being willing to see those inner shadowy places, to open and embrace them for what they are and following the path of working through healing them… to awaken each day outside of your comfort zone allowing the magical unfolding of life to simply be without trying to yield control over every moment.. it is to allow the walls to fall away and the vulnerability to open to allow love in and out.. to laugh without abandon…

  19. Bravery is opening and saying yes “This too” to all the contracted ego places that one resists seeing and knowing in their fullness and true nature whether pleasant or unpleasant.

  20. Bravery is what you exhibit in breath, movement, outward fronts. It is an ability to release oneself into the sea of people to trust that you will be caught in arms and rest in comfort of being between now and then.

  21. To me bravery means so many things… Truly letting go… Opening up… Love… Compassion… Continuing with what you are doing even when you might fail… Being brave enough to sit and meditate when you know it could change your whole concept of life and living…

  22. Bravery what it means to me. My husband passed away 2 years ago of colon cancer at the age of 53. My life spiralled out of control and I never imagined ever being able to recover. I have been reading your books since my husbands Aunt who lives in Vancouver recommended that they might be helpful. I can honestly say that in reading and watching your talks that it has given me a much needed glimmer of hope. To attend a retreat would be an honor. To leave my house, brave…

  23. Being brave to me is a matter of walking with pain and uncertainty through the unknown – all the while embracing the simple truth that “everything changes”.

  24. After reading the book, When things fall apart, I decided it was time for me to face the fears of quitting my job. I am taking a year to travel, meditate, and be brave enough to accept whatever comes my way without holding onto an outcome for the year.

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