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The Root of Fear

Book coverThe root of fear is believing in oneself too much, which makes oneself very vulnerable. It’s as if you have a big cut or burn on your body, something that needs protection. Then beyond that, you are still haunted by your wound, so you protect even your Band-Aid. How do you overcome fear? How do you stop believing in yourself too much? Cheerfulness, or a sense of humor, is the starting point. And then not holding onto oneself too much is the second point.

From “The Shambhala World” in The Collected Works of Chögyam Trungpa, Volume Eight, pages 392–393

5 thoughts on “The Root of Fear

  1. These quotes make no sense. Being cheerful when nothing around me is cheerful is kind of nonsense if we are realistic enough.

    • I believe it’s a matter of perception. Probably, when nothing around you is cheerful, your own cheerfulness is exactly what is needed.

      • Probably yes, probably not. Who knows… Cheering up is not my strong side right now I guess.

  2. It makes sense if you meditate. Then you find cheer within and without yourself. It’s based on lightening up the hold we all have on ourselves. Meditation loosens that grip. After that, we feel more cheerful automatically.

    • I am meditating for couple of years now… Cheering up is still not automatic. I am sure i have to be patient, but kind of don’t have the energy for practice anymore.

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