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Wandering in the World of Desire

Book coverWandering in the world of desire involves looking for alternatives, seeking something to comfort us—food, drink, people. The word desire encompasses that addiction quality, the way we grab for something because we want to find a way to make things okay. That quality comes from never having grown up. We still want to go home and be able to open the refrigerator and find it full of our favorite goodies; when the going gets tough, we want to yell “Mom!” But what we’re doing as we progress along the path is leaving home and becoming homeless. Not wandering in the world of desire is about relating directly with how things are. Loneliness is not a problem. Loneliness is nothing to be solved. The same is true for any other experience we might have.

From When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön, page 58

3 thoughts on “Wandering in the World of Desire

  1. I absolutely love this quote from the book. The book itself has almost become a bible to me. Thankyou Pema and Shambala

  2. I think I have read this book and lend it 25 times. And yet, even this tiny quote is fresh.
    I have not heard this today.

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