Daily Wisdom / Tibetan Dharma

Samsara and Nirvana

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Something I find worthy of meditation is how in the dialectic between Samsara and Nirvana, the dreamworld of Samsara is logically prior to and quite necessary for the awakening to Nirvana. When discussing Tantric Buddhism, Gunapala Dharmasiri says in the spirit of Nagarjuna, “We make a Samsara out of Nirvana through our conceptual projections. Tantrics maintain that the world is there for two purposes. One is to help us to attain enlightenment. As the world is, in fact, Nirvana, the means of the world can be utilized to realize Nirvana, when used in the correct way.”

From Taming the Ox: Buddhist Stories and Reflections on Politics, Race, Culture, and Spiritual Practice by Charles Johnson, page 29

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