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Audiobook Giveaway! The Buddha Walks into the Office and Sit Like a Buddha

To celebrate the release of his new audio editions of The Buddha Walks into the Office and Sit Like a Buddha, Lodro Rinzler is going to share two Audible free download codes with a random winner! To throw your hat in the ring, leave a comment below with your answer to the question, “How does meditation make you less of a jerk?”

A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, November 14 at 12 p.m. Eastern time.
Congratulations to our winner! Thank you all for your comments. Please come back soon for more giveaways.

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45 thoughts on “Audiobook Giveaway! The Buddha Walks into the Office and Sit Like a Buddha

  1. Mediation helps me by allowing a concise practice in preciseness – where it is safe to look for the space between believing the mind and not believng the mind.
    Scene as in seen :
    “kick the baby .”
    – Cartman
    “Don’t kick the baby”
    – baby

  2. Meditation makes me less of a jerk by…enabling some distance between myself and the chaos. With distance a bigger picture can be sensed and there seems to be time to absorb the flow of what is happening and see it /experience it from a more centered place. Being centered to me means thinking and acting from my heart and not my head. My head likes to give knee-jerk reactions and my heart likes to make connected responses. A connected, heart-felt response seems to communicate more easily and creates harmony out of chaos.

  3. Mmmm. interesting question. Of course it doesn´t make you less of a jerk, but you realize (if you´re lucky) that you´re being a jerk. After being aware of your jerkness for a time you just get tired of it, and naturally, without any real effort (agression towards yourself) you change,

  4. I’ve never thought of myself as a jerk. Perhaps I meditate too much?!
    Meditation slows me down and allows me to analyse a situation at work before speaking. I like to think I share a positive energy with my colleagues and that they feel safe, working with me.

  5. Meditation gives me a longer response time so I can often realize that I have choices. If i am a joke, it comes from more of a conscious place, but i am less apt to be one.

  6. Meditation has given me a new relationship with my emotions. I am not the victim of my feelings any longer. They do drag me here & there at their whim. And as a result I have grown to have much more balance & equanimity within my interior life.

  7. That calm ‘centered feeling’ gives me the chance to act from the heart, as opposed to acting from the head, and meditation is the source of that feeling. I was first taught to meditate while in Boys Training School, during the late 69’s when all the social/racial upheaval was so common. Had it not been for meditation I’d probably have followed in the footsteps of most of my peers, and graduated into the state pen. Meditation took the ‘hell’ outta my life.

  8. Meditation makes me less of a jerk by giving me an opportunity to master my thoughts. By learning to recognize jerklike impulses, I can avoid jerklike actions.

  9. meditation makes me less of a jerk to myself. i am far too rigid with myself, far too critical, far too negative, far to hateful. meditation makes me realize that i am human. that i don’t have to be perfect. that every person i meet is not expecting me to be the solution. that i can care about myself. that i can care about how i am doing rather that direct all my energy to taking care of others and being the person who always knows what to do or how to do it. meditation makes me safe with myself.

  10. If you define a jerk as a selfish person not being polite, helpful and open-hearted to others, I would say meditation helps us to see our connectedness with each other, it helps us to reflect the true nature of our Ego, of how our mind works, and it teaches us how being nice and benefitting each other is in the end benefitting ourself.

  11. After reading Chogyam Trungpa’s The Sacred path of the warrior, I was able to better understand the method of meditation. I was able to clear my mind, if a thought arose I’d acknowledge it and clear my mind. It helped me use wise-mind and live in the moment of now. At times I consider my self the biggest jerk in the world through meditation I’m able to not judge my self and especially others so harshly.

  12. Meditation helps me to just be, see my Original Face, rest on my True Nature, real Self, big Self, be the Subject and see this jerk or ego or small self (sensations, emotions, thoughts, ideas), that is always becoming and moving around, as an object, witch is impermanent and always coming and going, rising and disappearing.

  13. Meditation allows me to recognize and then rest in that space between stimulus and response so that my words and actions are skillful, more aligned with kindness and compassion and less ‘jerky’ 🙂

  14. Mainly because you start living in the present, not dwelling in the part or worry about the future. In my case, my “mental diarrea” decreased amazingly!

  15. Lets me notice when i am being a jerk and acceptance that there will be times when i act like a jerk again but to give myself compassion.

  16. It reduce my anxiety (basic neurosis) and therefore reduce my jerkiness. ( I believe jerkiness is just the by-product of enxiety)

  17. It allows me to see just how big a jerk I am. It also allows me to know I don’t need to beat myself up over it because I am ok. I am not broken.

  18. being the boss, meditation has given me the 5 seconds I need between a thought and a reaction.
    it makes all the difference to respond and NOT react big difference I have discovered.

  19. Meditation keeps people from being jerks in so many ways.

    Meditation puts things in perspective. It helps alleviate stress. It calms the mind. It helps you learn to breathe better. It teaches you how to handle stress and anger

  20. Meditation gives me the space and capacity to titrate my negative mindsets and simply notice them for the mind manifestations that they are. Thus no need to get my jerk on!

  21. Meditation allows me to see my thoughts, motivations and actions in a more objective light. By being the observer of myself, I am able to see clearly when I am being a jerk – there is no way to hide from myself or remain in denial. Meditation has shown me the path away from duality and jerkdom towards LOVE. It is a brave act to sit in meditation and face your true nature. ॐ

  22. meditation halts’ My speech”.. allows me to let my ego go during a time when i might wish to respond back immediately, and center myself, with my own feelings and thoughts first..

  23. My meditation practice brings me back in a very powerful and unique way. My practice of being present allows me tunes my instrument providing immediate benefits in those moments as well as afterwards, making a significant contribution to capabilities, temperament and interaction with the world around me.

  24. It makes me happy, grateful, and less stressed. It exercises my brain, makes me feel more focus and on pointe. Meditation is very empowering to me, but most importantly, meditation brings me that comforting notion.

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