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Your Defects Are Ingredients

book coverAs soon as we look at our faults or weaknesses as ingredients, we gain a different perspective. The things we are used to thinking of as faults tend to be the very things we can use to make delicious meals. But they’re tricky to use, like chili or hot pepper. We have to work with them carefully.

Our faults can be seen as great resources. This means knowing how they function, without further confusing ourselves by making judgments. This is a hard habit to break, but well worth the effort.

From this perspective, the more defects I have, the more ingredients I have. Anger, for example, can become one of our juiciest ingredients. If we have a tendency toward anger, we don’t try to deny it or block it out. But we don’t observe or analyze it either. We let our anger arise, so that we can feel anger fully. We sit with the anger. We become anger. When we do that we can see what anger is all about. Then anger will transform of itself—into determination, for example.

From Instructions to the Cook: A Zen Master’s Lessons in Living a Life That Matters by Bernie Glassman and Rick Fields, pages 47–48

One thought on “Your Defects Are Ingredients

  1. Hello to whom it may concern, Yesterday I read this excerpt and would have like to read the further cloud underlines below which I had started, however those clouds seem to have disappeared from the email content. How is that even possible, I had been reading about seeing the anger or thoughts arising and then…. ??? Vajayarana, I have read it somewhere too but I am not precise… Please return for further instruction

    Von meinem iPad gesendet

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