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Audible Giveaway!

Over forty Shambhala audios are now available from! To celebrate, we’re giving away a free download code, good for any Shambhala audio of your choosing, to twenty lucky readers! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which audio you’d love to listen to. Bonus points if you tell us how you’d listen to it (e.g., while knitting by the fire, commuting to work, windsurfing in the Bahamas). Visit to view the full collection.

We’ll choose the winners on Thursday, December 18 at 12 p.m. Eastern time.
Congratulations to our winner! Thank you all for your comments. Please come back soon for more giveaways!

Click through some of the titles below to listen to samples (some as long as 30 minutes)! So far our favorite reader is Roger Clark, but Meditation in Action read by Shambhala Pubs founder Sam Bercholz is also not to be missed.

What Makes You Not a Buddhist The Essential Dogen training the mind
The Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation Smile at Fear The Confidence Gap
Sky Above, Great Wind The Path Is The Goal The Magic of Awareness

May the timeless wisdom of these books reverberate in earbuds everywhere!


741 thoughts on “Audible Giveaway!

  1. From Here to Enlightenment (Dalai Lama), to listen to on the commute to my Pediatrics rotation (in medical school). Improving my state of mind to work with the young people I will be treating.

  2. I’d develop more loving-kindness by listening to “Developing Self-Compassion” by Tara Brach, when I feel overwhelmed by my dwindling Therapist job and my growing how-to-make-this-trailer-liveable jobs. Winter is such a great time to turn inward and grow our spirit, yes?

  3. I want to listen to all of them, for starters Training the Mind because I could use that. But some of the others that readers suggested sound good, too. So I’ll try to listen to them all. Half an hour before I sleep, I read Thich Nhat Hanh or Pema. So, now I can listen to it. Also I like to listen on my way to and from work. I’m trying to grow the good seeds of my mind.

  4. I would like to hear “The Path is the Goal”. Having spent my life working toward goals I find retirement a challenge. I have been exploring new paths in this new phase of my life and I believe this could be helpful. Thank you!

  5. I would listen to “What Makes You Not A Buddhist” while I clean up after the storm that just came through. It dumped 5 inches of rain with strong winds on my rotten shed roof and part of the roofing came off. Lucky for me, I was able to rescue the documents – birth certificate, taxes, immunizations records, etc. (I put them one page deep all over my floor every night – I’ll be done tomorrow.) The really good news is that I realized how easy it is to sort through my old boxes when they are dry, and that gave me the right attitude and energy to do what I have been putting off for literately years!

  6. I would like to listen to The Myth of Freedom and the Ways of Meditation while sitting in front of a fire in the hearth or in front of a window against the snow, after a hard day of working to keep a nonprofit alive and living through the grief of my closest friends’ deaths.

  7. I would love to listen to many of these works, but especially the “Practice of Lojong.” I would listen to this while breathing to start my day and to set an intention of awareness and spaciousness as I treat others through the day. (I’ll keep breathing the rest of the day, too!)
    I have also been impacted by rather angry, negative audio energy for a while, so I am actively seeking calm wise sound waves to hold space for myself as well. I think the transformative potential of the practice of lojong will be especially helpful. Many thanks.

  8. What a great opportunity! I would love to listen to Dzongsqr Khyentse’s “What makes you Not a Buddhist” on audiobook. Thanks for the possibility!

  9. I would appreciate the opportunity to listen to Training the Mind by Chogyam Trungpa. I live in Napier New Zealand and we have a discussion group. We have listened to Judith Leif and Pema Chodron on the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life and it would be wonderful to have the teachings by Trungpa for our group next year.

  10. I would love to listen to The Myth of Freedom by Chogyam Trungpa. I purchased the e-book but find it much more comforting to listen. I would like to listen to it while undergoing my next round of chemotherapy, my current “practice” in handling the fact that there is no certainty or permanence in this life. So challenging.

  11. I would love to listen to anything by Pema. When things were falling apart, I read “When Things Fall Apart” and it brought me out of the abyss. I visit it quite often…LOL Actually, much less these days…I even got through my BIG birthday without falling into a depression or anything else.

  12. I’d like to read “The Path is the Goal,” by Chogyam Trungpa. I think I’d just breathe and listen straight up, maybe some soothing music in the background. Oh, yes, with tea.
    Thank you.

  13. I would very much like to listen to The Healing Power of Mind. I would listen to it while driving and when I have down time to help with chronic pain. Thank you!

  14. I would love to listen to ” Smile at Fear” and I would be doing that while sitting in my rocking chair and soaking up sun rays that seem to only appear briefly here during the winter. This seems like a timeless subject but one that people avoid and are fearful of, so of course it caught my interest.

  15. As I set my intentions for 2015 and catch myself getting caught up in the need to achieve and succeed I’d love to listen to the path is the goal. I know it would be a great companion on my 5 hour round trip train ride to work everyday. 🙂

  16. I’d love to listen to “The Buddha Walks into a Bar…: A Guide to Life for a New Generation”. It may be helpful for integrating Buddhism into everyday life, and it may be funny too. I would listen to it while commuting to work in the morning or/and in the evening, or while ironing.

  17. Thank you very much for the chance you may give me.
    I’d like to listen it during my next 10-hours car trip from Luxembourg back to Italy for Christmas Holidays.

  18. The audio I choose to receive would be ALL of them! Since this is not part of todays rules I choose await “A Buddha walks into a bar….”!!! I would listen to this in my car or in a bar. As I dance or in a trance and It would play with my dogs or in a fog or while I blog! Thank you for the opportunity! I look forward to the expansion of epiphanies ! My personal experience with Pema Chodron’s teachings thru her writings have expanded my heart and I pay forward much of her loving light with others. Life ROCKS !!!!

  19. My choice is Smile at Fear because I do not smile at fear. I cringe, cry and flail. I will listen to the book in the car where I will smile at traffic jams.

  20. I’d love to listen to The Path is the Goal by Chogam Trungpa while sitting by the fire with my cat snuggled in and sipping hot chocolate. Thank you for this opportunity. Many blessings to you and all.

  21. I would love to explore the Magic of Awareness, I am presently in a state of flux and would like to be more present as I struggle with my thoughts and ramble in the future always, much love to Pema, I love everything she offers, Tashi Delek

  22. I’d love to listen to “The Buddha Walks into a Bar…” since I like it’s application on mundane, everyday life. I would listen to it while riding Mexico City’s busy subway.

  23. would love to hear the rest of the Path is the Goal. Listening to the 15 minute same was the perfect way to start my early morning with coffee and then sit before beginning work at home. It’s
    time to begin at the beginning…again.

  24. I’d love to listen to The Path is the Goal to hear from Pema’s teacher. I drive each day to town for half an hour in the dark and cold morning – no other traffic on the raod. I am alone in my dark, war, car and and I love listening to the voice speaking in the darkness as I drive. I can just listen and reflect. It helps prepare me for the day ahead.

  25. I would choose anything by Pema Chodron…if forced to choose one, it would be “When things Fall apart” , a book I turn to again & again but always find help or understand something I did not understand before….I would listen to it while driving to the Beach to practice tai chi…I usually can’t listen to audio books in the car , but she is the exception. I had ah audio book collection of hers but i gave it to my sister who was in need.

  26. yes, smiling at fear, after “IN THE FACE OF REAR” which I read severaj years ago,SMILE AT FEAR should be ny treasured companion in these days, where I see, how tricky fear can disguise him( her-) self and makes me to do things I wouldnt, or not to do what I`d like……will be great pleasure to be chosen………also Pema ( her PLACES THAT SCARE YOU ) is my favorite next to Ezra Bayda(BEING ZEN)

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