From the Editors / Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Book coverUnholy Hungers: Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves and Others

by Barbara E. Hort

Did you ever have a friend, colleague, or lover who seemed to, inexplicably, drain the spirit right out of you, leaving you depleted of energy, ideas, and focus? You may be the victim of a psychic vampire! Psychotherapist Hort shows that the vampire archetype of myth and literature is an expression of something that really happens between people, even if it doesn’t usually literally involve blood-sucking. She shows you how to identify psychic vampires—and how to defang them.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Blaming others for draining me of psychic energy….now that’s a good one! How about I self-reflect first……go inside, see if what I am thinking is actually true for me (self-inquiry ala The Work of Byron Katie) and stop blaming. The person who ‘brought me down’ is a gift, it’s up to me to see what treasure they have brought to me in terms of self-knowledge.
    This book reminds me of a trend in the 80’s/90’s – books on ‘toxic parents’. When we will take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings (yes, they can arise b/c of an interaction with another or on their own), question whether we really believe what we are thinking, and relax into our true nature?

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