Daily Wisdom / Ocean of Dharma

What if Buddha Doesn’t Know How to Change Snow Tires?

Book coverEnlightenment is not purely a matter of collecting information. If a buddha didn’t know how to change his snow tires, for example, a person might begin to have doubts about him, if you have the view of an enlightened being as a learned person, a great scholar. After all, a buddha is supposed to be the omniscient one; how could he be a buddha if he doesn’t know how to change his tires? He or she should be good at everything. But buddha is not that kind of universal expert, nor a super-professor. Here, the idea of intellectual understanding and sharpening the intellect is not feeding oneself millions of bits of information, making oneself into a walking library. Rather, it is developing sharpness and precision in relating with the nature of reality.

From “Intellect and Working with Negativity” in Crazy Wisdom by Chögyam Trungpa, page 155

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