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Hidden Treasure

Book cover

A Guided Tour of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung

by Robert Hopcke

When people get their heads rearranged by Jung–sometimes after reading his Man and His Symbols—it often instills in them a craving for more writings of the founder of analytical psychology. But they hit a roadblock: Jung’s Collected Works run to more than eighteen volumes! Do you need a PhD in Jungian studies just to know where to start? Not if you have this little book. Rob Hopcke breaks the Collected Works down by key concept—from archetypes to dreams to UFOS—providing a brief summary of Jung’s thinking on each topic, then showing you first where to get started in the Works, then where to proceed to go deeper. He then provides a list of secondary sources for further exploration.

One thought on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Right now I am reading “Man and His Symbols” and am enjoying all of it! I am looking forward to giving this book a try in the future. Thank you for the post!

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