Daily Wisdom / Pema Chödrön

Practice Without Any Agenda

Book coverSome of us can accept others right where they are a lot more easily than we can accept ourselves. We feel that compassion is reserved for someone else, and it never occurs to us to feel it for ourselves.

My experience is that by practicing without “shoulds,” we gradually discover our wakefulness and our confidence. Gradually, without any agenda except to be honest and kind, we assume responsibility for being here in this unpredictable world, in this unique moment, in this precious human body.

From When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön, pages 140–141

One thought on “Practice Without Any Agenda

  1. My experience with “shoulds” has been to allow my feeling of should to blossom, and to stay with that feeling until its source comes into view. Then I stay with source, and so on til my slate clears. Over time the frequency and intensity of “shoulds” have decreased. In other words, rather than meditating without “shoulds” I have meditated on them until they dissolve.

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