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Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior Giveaway!

Book coverShambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior was first published over thirty years ago and has since influenced countless readers, including us here at Shambhala Publications. We have recently released a new edition and would like to celebrate with you by giving away five copies! Just comment on this blog post answering the following question:

What is the path of the warrior in today’s world?

The contest will close on July 21, 2015 at noon EST.

Congratulations to our winners, Charlotte, Uma, Wayne, David, and Pamela! Come back soon for more giveaways!

131 thoughts on “Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior Giveaway!

  1. The path of the warrior today is one on which a person, with eyes wide open and ears listening carefully, lives in the moment and learns from each days life lessons which are then used to live each following moment in service and with compassion.

  2. I haven’t read the book, however, I’ve been reading the weekly email quotes of Dharma for over a year, which I enjoy!

    I would say the path of the warrior is one of seeking, listening and surrendering to the creator’s plan.

    Learning how to live without judgement, learning how to practice love, compassion and forgiveness along the daily journey, both with myself and others. Finding peace in the moment and sharing that peace with others and most importantly being of maximum service!

  3. The path if the warrior is peace and sanity in a lost world. By being the light, sometimes the only light in a dark corridor, you can show the way out of the deep and frighteneing darkness to those who cant see themselves in the shadows.

  4. When I think of being a warrior, I think of leading my children, fighting for them, their place in this world, as well as doing what I can to make the world a better place for them. I don’t think all warriors have to give up the fight, but rather think about how to direct the fight and that energy towards compassion and positive change.

  5. The way of the warrior is the Middle Way, between asceticism and hedonism. The path cuts through just beyond the reach of the twin dragons of Mara and self-delusion. The Warrior’s Way leads not to battles with armies of enemies. Instead, it leads to the showdown between delusion and simple, clear awareness.

  6. I feel the path of the warrior is to walk in one’s truth… to be authentic and true to one’s self. To stay strong & steadfast on the path during times of doubt and temptations.

  7. To me the path of the warrior is most importantly leading all interactions with the yourself and the world with an open and vulnerable heart. The heart is the most accurate instrument to experience reality as it is. If it is closed, or shielded by fear, your experience of truth will be filtered by the mind, showing you the illusion that most of us experience. With the undisciplined mind in the drivers seat, the eyes see illusion, the ears hear illusion, but with the open heart in the drivers seat, the truth unfolds and unfolds some more(because the truth is more of a process, than a thing)in front of you, and as you.

  8. The path of the warrior in today’s world is to strive for clear vision of the challenges, and to face them calmly and with an open heart.

  9. The path of the warrior is something that begins long before it is ever consciously understood that you are indeed on a spiritual journey that will change your life. When the warrior begins to awaken a veil is lifted and the delusions that once fed you become empty. The path of the warrior is one that encourages a spirit of resilience and requires the utmost courage to continue even in the face of adversity. To be a warrior is to stand in the wholeness of life awake and aware of all that surrounds you and despite worldly chaos, to return to your truest nature in harmony with the universe.

  10. The path of the warrior today is to remain open and alive to the world, to resist the urge to shut down on the dark side of humanity and ourselves and instead to meet it with unflinching love acceptance. In this way we avoid adding the to the aggression in the world.

  11. The path of the warrior is and has always been about looking within. That is where we experience all we experience. The experience does not happen outside of us. It takes warrior courage to look within and see the negative attributes and demons that are our inner consciences. And if we believe all the negativity that we hear within mind then it takes warrior courage to see and accept our positive attributes.

  12. The path of the warrior is steadfast blissful peace toward all beings… loving kindness however stumbling… with a smiling heart.

  13. The Path of the Warrior in today’s world is the Path of Bodhisattva. To attain Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient Beings. That we are all interconnected and interdependent.

  14. The Warrior’s asana is only a POSE.
    I’d say that that learning, teaching, & practicing the rare arts of COMPASSION & Forgiveness MUST become the true path of all Warriors in today’s world,
    -IF Humanity is to survive itself.

  15. The warrior resurrects the corpse. The light breaks the dark without a word until the dark, also without a word, reawakens. This is the path.

  16. The path of the warrior is the complete fearlessness and total openess with which one should interact with the phenomena.In todays interconnected world we should see how our actions has an effect on so many beings all around the world,thus we should realize ‘depentdent origination’ and strive to act,which would have positive effects.

  17. The Path of the Warrior in today’s world is invoking sacredness, compassion, and wisdom in a conscious journey to build awakened and meaningful society to provide better ways for society to build resilience and confidence.

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